Stockholm Travel Diary, Part 1

Isla enjoying the lobby at the Nobis Hotel.

The Tuesday journey from Copenhagen to Stockholm was a little shaky, but it ended well when we arrived and found Stockholm to be such a beautiful city,  more picturesque than we had anticipated. While the roughly one hour flight was short and the kiddies were fine, during the last ten minutes Isla informed me she was going to “puke” and then promptly did so. The warning was helpful and I was able to mostly contain the situation, but sadly had to trash a favorite dress and do a quick clean up which was a bummer. One thing I won’t miss as they grow is all this getting sick on planes, cars, and boats!! The airport was kind of a disaster from there as the customs line was really slow and the kiddies were anxious and crying, and then a broken elevator left my family lost and apart from the rest of the group, and I was definitely a little flustered as we tried to find the train level. We did get it together eventually, and after a short train ride and a quick taxi arrived at the lovely Nobis Hotel, a Design Hotel, where we would spend the next five nights.

Lovely flowers in the lobby.
Obsessed with this staircase.
Such fun lighting.
Welcomed with Parrot Tulips, a favorite.
This one loves room service.

Although we loved our apartment living in Copenhagen for the larger space and convenience of a kitchen, there really is nothing like “hotel life” with daily housekeeping and turn-down service. The Nobis Hotel is filled with many special design details, and we especially loved the lanterns and floral arrangements in the main lobby, along with the oft-photographed gorgeous winding staircase. The rooms were chic and fairly spacious and I was beyond excited to get up there and relax and order a wine after such a hectic day, but alas that was not to be. I don’t know if it was pent up energy or  but all three of my girls completely lost it when we got to the room, screaming and fighting and it was really just the worst. I try not to yell, emphasis on the try, but yikes that was a rough one. Thankfully, we went for a nice little walk that evening to get some energy out, and came across a lovely little park nearby with cherry blossoms in full bloom.  Afterwards we all ordered room service for dinner and a movie for the little ones, and I’m not going to lie- bedtime couldn’t come soon enough!


Most gorgeous Cherry Blossom ceiling.
Ice cream under the Cherry Blossoms.
Best we could do for a group pic!

The next day we woke up refreshed, and after a quick breakfast at Nobis, where the breakfast buffet was both interesting (elk-sausage) and top notch, we embarked on a jam -packed and fun-filled first full day in Stockholm. First up was a visit to Skansen, on the island of Djurgården, which is a combination of open-air museum and zoo with a focus on depicting the Swedish way of life before the Industrial era. As spring had barely sprung in Stockholm it was a bit chilly and grey, with trees just beginning to bud, but I can imagine that it must be very colorful and vibrant during the warmer months. The littles had fun running and climbing the slides and cool Swedish Treehouse, and playing in a very well done indoor exhibit complete with animals an play spaces. They also enjoyed checking out the Reindeer,bunnies, peacocks, seals, and farm animals. A very interesting combo indeed!

My three little ducklings all in a row.
Little Chickie.
Sienna and Axel.
The kids loved this Treehouse! The way down was scary though…

First buds on a grey day.

These flatbreads were amazing!!

It started to drizzle and we had a lunch reservation, so after a few hours we embarked on a longish and somewhat wet walk down to the harbor and on to waterfront Oaxen Slip. The food was elevated and amazing, although the menu ran short on kid-friendly options.  The restaurant has a very cool elevated-shipyard decor, complete with boats suspended from the ceiling and old fashioned movie theater seats at the tables. I would highly recommend a visit for lunch, with or without kids, or visit the more high-end Oaxen Krug next door for dinner.

Oaxen Slip.
Vintage seating.

After lunch, we walked to Junibacken, an indoor children’s attraction and playspace devoted to children’s literature, especially Astrid Lindgren the author of the Pippi Longstocking series. The kids went crazy in here, and we spent so much time in the first section that we didn’t realize there were several other play areas until we were ready to leave. I literally could barely get a picture of any of them, as they were frantically running from one end of the place to the other eager to climb on the next thing, so don’t mind the blurry iPhone pics! The kiddies did get another opportunity to visit a few days later to see the rest of the place and have lunch in the whimsical restaurant, thankfully. The highlight of Junibacken is definitely the Story Train, a journey through Swedish fairytales and the last text that Astrid Lindgren wrote. The story is exciting and a little sad, with a couple of scary parts for good measure. The scenes and figurines are so well done, it’s really a ride through a magnificent work of art. Junibacken also has the largest children’s bookstore in Sweden, and the selection is amazing with books in several languages. This is a must-visit with kids, especially on a rainy or cold day as it’s entirely contained indoors.

Lu and Archie working the jewelry counter.

All aboard the Story Train.
The most intricate miniatures.
This was the dreamiest..

Whimsical restaurant decor.
Harbor views from Junibacken.

That afternoon we went back to the hotel to relax (ha ha) and unwind before our first ladies dinner night in Stockholm, at  Le Rouge, an opulently decorated space reminiscent of an old-time circus tent. I couldn’t run out of the hotel fast enough because once again my kids were bouncing off the walls (why are kids the worst for their parents?!) Ashley, Crystalyn, and I had such a nice and relaxing time with great food and wine, but it was definitely a heavy meal! A fun place to go for a date or with friends, the decor is really romantic and special, and these pics don’t so it justice.

We had another fun-filled day planned for Thursday, and embarked on a visit to the Moderna Museet, one of Stockholm’s most famous art museums. The museum was only a short walk from the hotel, over a bridge and past some beautiful boats and buildings, but it was definitely getting a little chilly and we realized we weren’t really prepared clothing- wise if it got much colder. The museum itself was super cool, with a sleek and minimal design and there were a lot of really interesting exhibits and pieces, some of which I had seen before but never in person. The kids seemed genuinely interested in  many of the exhibits, picking their favorites in each room which was fun to watch.  Modern Museet also has a great children’s room where the kiddies had fun creating their own works of art, and a little relaxing reading corner as well.

Islie at work.
Lu in deep focus.
Pip and Lu.

After a couple of hours spent running around the museum and painting hard, it was time for a nap, and thankfully a wound- up Isla and fell asleep on the walk to Nobis Hotel’s sister property, the very cool Hotel Skeppsholmen where we had lunch. We all loooooooved this space. It was so well decorated and curated down to the smallest detail, and the lunch, specifically the Swedish meatballs, were out of this world. Luella and Sienna couldn’t get enough of them, but sadly Islie slept through the entire lunch and missed out! Ashley and I also had some of our favorite wine of the trip here, thanks to the very sweet and knowledgeable server. I definitely want to visit again, and would love to stay here during a future visit!

Loved all of the Spring blooms.
Love this squishy face!
Private dining room at Hotel Skeppsholmen.

These Swedish meatballs were a hit with everyone!
A field of blooms on our walk.
Love this one of Lu.



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