Scenes From the Weekend, Start to Summer Edition!

An evening on the farm, looking for good eggs. Lu and Isla’s Dresses by Reformation. Isla’s Sandals by Minorquines.

The beginning of summer has officially started on the East End, which of course means a plethora of people inundating the Hamptons, and nonstop activities and events. Over the four day weekend we had a host of bbqs, kiddie birthday parties, and openings; and I’m happy to say we managed to fit in about 75% and not lose our minds completely, aka a successful weekend out here in crazy land.

Biggest and the middlest. Sienna’s Jumpsuit, Zara.
Obsessed with these matching dresses.
Making little wishes.
Such a crazy little human.
Lu running wild and free.
Getting a good pic with the girls is always a struggle. Note dirty napkin in hand.
Swinging into the weekend.

One is looking, one is frowning, and one is missing!
Happy Place.

We started Friday evening celebrating the start to the season at Amber Waves Farm, one of our favorite local farms run by two lovely ladies who have just acquired a major storefront, something to celebrate indeed! It was such a nice evening with the most beautiful light, I of course forgot my real camera which was kind of a bummer, still hoping to work on those photos one day!! Ha ha.  The kiddies spent a couple of hours running around the farm and visiting with the chickens with a ton of other little ones while I checked out the shop and had a rosé with friends.  After that we headed to an annual family and friend Memorial Day weekend BBQ which is always a good time, the girls had so much fun playing with all of their friends and running around all night through thousands of bubbles from multiple machines.

Rising and shining. Sienna’s Top, Zara.
Day-glo tutu.. a dress yourself day!
Country Girl! Lu’s Dress, Zara.

Saturday after returning to Amber Waves to pick up our beautiful CSA box full of veggies and have a quick breakfast we headed over to Longhouse Reserve  for their annual Family Day celebration. It was the nicest the weather was all weekend, and while I manned the Rainstick -making station the girls ran around the gardens, made crafts, and listened quite attentively to the illustrator of the Eloise book series, Kay Thompson speak and draw. The Family Day was a huge success with hundreds of visitors who will hopefully come back with their families to visit this special place again!

A favorite sculpture.
Sienna hitting the gong.

The girls sort of listening attentively 🙂
Some daddy time.
Isla making a Rainstick.
A little rest in the grass. Lu’s Top by Noa Noa. Skirt by Tutu Du Monde. Sandals by Zara.
Most lovely day!
Islie. Sandals by Minorquines.


With my loves, and the Rainstick project!

The rest of the weekend was a blur of work, three kiddie birthdays, a BBQ, and a child-free dinner night out in Sag Harbor; with some dancing thrown in for good measure! A very fun and busy one, the whole family is looking forward to a super mellow week ahead and a lot of extra hours of sleep!!

Bouncy Castle Craziness.
Princess Luella on the run!
Hot mess, crazy hair.
Isla’s Dress, Zara.
Lu striking her best pose! Dress by Two Els, sold out, more here.


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