Scenes From the Weekend

Oh Happy Day! Reunited at last!

Another busy weekend is behind us!! It’s crazy how fast the days and weeks are flying by…summer has barely started and I feel like I’m going to blink and we’ll be getting the kids ready for back-to-school. 

Luella giving baby Romy a cuddle. And crazy-girl Isla in an outfit of her own design to the right. Lu’s Top, Zara. Skirt, Bonpoint, old.
Baby Love.
Beautiful Sunset.
With my middlest!
Luella Jane.

I started last weekend off early on Thursday, with a fun early dinner at Bay Kitchen Bar, right on the harbor in Springs with the kiddies and friends. The sunset was amazing on the water that evening, and despite the fact the Lulu and Isla were acting absolutely insane we still managed to have a nice time. Individually these girls are usually pretty well-behaved but when you put the two of them together and out in public between the hours of 5-8 literally all hell breaks loose. Not to mention Isla’s lingering penchant for mismatched pajamas or multiple pairs of pajamas worn at once..  A handful to say the least! 

Definitely need multiple helmets while strolling. Pajamas by Esme.
Sisterly love!

On Saturday morning we had our usual ritual of picking up our CSA box at Amber Waves Farm and having a little breakfast there while the kiddies ran around and had a visit with chickens and new baby ducks. Sienna, as usual had a house full of girls over so I rolled around all weekend with not 3 but 5 girls in tow. I long for the days when I can have a smaller car, but it’s looking like that is going to be far in the future indeed. 

Happy Place.
My crew minus one!
Islie and the geese. Top, Bonheur du Jour, similar here. Shoes, Mini Melissa.
Thanks for the pic Lu!
Lu out loud.
Queen Islie

After breakfast the biggest girls were off to a bday party, I fit in some work while the littles played took a nap. We went to the affectionately called “Fish Farm” for a late lunch with Lu and Isla, lunching there is another of our summer traditions. The girls love it here because of the geese and large tanks of fish- we like the post-apocolyptic seafood restaurant vibe. You really have to go there to get it and love it, and even then it’s not for everyone. Right on the bay, casual dining and picnic tables; anyplace where the kids don’t have to actually sit in seats for an entire meal is always a win for me! After that we went to meet some friends at the beach, it was amazing down there and much warmer than we had thought and the kids had fun running around and playing with their little baby friends. We surprised the girls with a visit from Rowenna, their super-beloved babysitter who moved to California last December. A lot of hugs and laughs were had and the girls were so overjoyed to have her back for a week.

Genuine joy!
Sienna and the sea. Top, Zara.
Love these two.
Isla and her little buddy Wyatt.

That night, the girls spent some time with Row and Jon and  I attended a lovely event in support of a local daycare center, The Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Education Center which was very successful and great fun as well. 

With my lovely sister-in-law and third time mommy to be Crystalyn.
Beautiful sky views.
So picturesque!

Sunday found us back at the farm with our cousins for a breakfast play date, and then onto Lu and Isla’s first swimming lessons of the season! Lu was fully swimming last summer but after the long winter definitely needs to regain a little of that confidence. As with most every thing she does, crazy little Isla was full steam ahead and ready to swim laps, if only she knew how. We spent some time playing with cousins in the pool before heading out to he Hideaway for a Mexican lunch in Montauk. It’s another of our favorite places, and definitely our favorite Mexican restaurant out here!

Visiting chickens never gets old!
Lu and her cousin Tucker, on the march. Lu’s Dress, Mar Mar Copenhagen.
Little fish!

That evening Rowenna was having a mother daughter yoga class on the Farm at Quail Hill, the other farm we belong to in Amagansett and another super special place for the girls, but sadly Lu fell asleep before we got there so I couldn’t take part. I was happy that Sienna and her friends had such a lovely experience doing yoga in nature! 

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