Scenes From the Weekend, Start to Summer Edition!

An evening on the farm, looking for good eggs. Lu and Isla’s Dresses by Reformation. Isla’s Sandals by Minorquines.

The beginning of summer has officially started on the East End, which of course means a plethora of people inundating the Hamptons, and nonstop activities and events. Over the four day weekend we had a host of bbqs, kiddie birthday parties, and openings; and I’m happy to say we managed to fit in about 75% and not lose our minds completely, aka a successful weekend out here in crazy land.

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A Little Horse Farm Visit

BFF Life. Lu’s Jumpsuit, Zara. Boots, Hunter.

We recently stopped by a sweet little barn that backs up to where we will be building our new house, to introduce ourselves as future neighbors and let our three equine-obsessed girls have a visit with the horses there. It ended up being the greatest little evening! Not only where there horses and ponies, but donkeys (including a little baby one), goats, and kitties. The girls were in heaven, we ended up staying for hours and chatting with the friendly owner, and of course Sienna the social butterfly found a girl there her age and they were off and running in the fields. The adorable little donkey followed Lu everywhere she went, and Isla literally couldn’t contain her joy at just being there, hence the most major meltdown that happened when we inevitably had to leave. I took some really cute pics of the kiddies, and we are so excited these horses (and donkeys) are literally going to be in our backyard in the near future!

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Scenes From the Weekend….

Sisters, hand in hand. Lulu’s Dress, Zara, Sienna’s Dress, Zara.

Last weekend, after a beautiful Friday afternoon spent lounging in the yard with the girls, (Sienna was of course off on a sleepover as usual) we headed into the city Saturday for a really quick one because Jon and the girls had their global entry appointments scheduled for 8:45 Sunday morning at JFK. It took months to get the four appointments on the same day and time, so even though this was an annoying task we decided to make a little mission out of it and book a night at the Gramercy Park Hotel.  Jon had meetings Saturday morning, so after a slow start and then an insanely tortuous last -two -miles-before-city traffic situation we finally got there late afternoon.

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Copenhagen Travel Diary, Part 1

Lu smelling the Hyacinths at Tivoli.

It’s been back to reality over here after our whirlwind trip to Copenhagen and Stockholm last month with seven kiddies in tow! Reentry back into real life is always a bummer and as  usual I found myself having a bit of the post-vacation blues upon our return. I almost avoided it this time due to the beautiful sun and warmth we returned to, but that was short-lived as a long string of grey and rainy days followed here in Amagansett. Now that it’s mid May summer weather can’t be too far away!!!

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Scenes from the Weekend….


With my lovely ladies at the Many Hopes Event.

This past weekend went by sooo quickly, beginning with a whirlwind overnight trip into the city Thursday, Isla’s second birthday on Friday, and then a joint birthday/Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday at our house.

On Thursday I went into the city with a few friends for a beautiful fundraising event, Many Hopes, to raise money for a new school in Kenya. Last years event raised the funds to finish building this school, and this year the focus was to populate the school with teachers and get it up and running. I’m happy to say it was a success! This is a cause that has become dear to my heart after learning about it from a lovely friend early last year. I look forward to watching the organization grow and hopefully build additional schools in the future. You can find out all about Many Hopes, and make a donation, here.

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Seven in Tow is no Joke!

    Isla trying out the Local Treats in Copenhagen.

We have been on the go for several days now, and are more than half way through our mini Scandinavian journey, I’m very sad to say. It has been a whirlwind of fun times, crazy frustrating kiddie moments, and everything imaginable in between. Our first stop was Copenhagen, such a vibrant and interesting city; definitely as child and family friendly as you are led to believe, although I did see only one baby- inhabited pram outside a restaurant the entire time we were there, I had thought they would be everywhere ha ha!

Luella by the Tulips in Tivoli, Copenhagen:
Colorful Nyhavn.
Sienna holding a Butterfly at Den Bla Planet, Copenhagen.
So Many Pretty Faces!
Isla in Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

We are currently in Stockholm, a city I absolutely love and one that is much more regal and beaitiful than I had imagined. Those are our stops on this particular journey, although I am definitely bitten by the Scandinavian bug and look forward to future visits, to further explore these cities and venture on to other countries as well. The design and cuisine are so singular and unique, and fit my aesthetic to a T!

As I mentioned I’m traveling with my kiddies and Karen, sister in law Crystalyn and friend Ashley who have two kids apiece, and my sister in law’s sitter Jackie as well. Definitely a large crew and with seven kids we are totally outnumbered!  Still, we have managed to fit in quite a bit! There have been amazing all-day outings for the littles;  and ladies nights, museums, and the requisite shopping excursions for the mamas.

Sienna in Skansen, Stockholm.
Isla painting at the Modern Museet in Stockholm.
LuLu was so in love with her Swedish Meatballs!


The Littles Meeting the Little Mermaid.

Once I’m home and have time to breathe, as I currently have both Lu and Isla jumping on me as I write this in our hotel room, I will share our travel diary and how we survived, what worked and what didn’t (wine always helps), but for now here are just a few of many pics so far, on the fly! We are still waiting for the elusive group pic of all of us!!!


Off We Go, Seven in Tow!!

I’m beyond excited and very busy prepping for our next family adventure, which we are embarking on today! Karen, my girls, and I; along with my sister in law and her two kiddies and my best friend and her two, are Copenhagen and Stockholm bound this evening!

None of us have ever been, and we are looking forward to exploring and discovering the two cities together with all seven littles, bound to be a little crazy with so many of us but definitely memory making of the very best kind.  Both cities offer a wealth of family friendly destinations and activities, so it’s safe to say that none of the kiddies will be board on this trip! As for the adults, all three of us are majorly into design, and so we are looking forward to exploring that aspect of both cities,  said to be some of the best when it comes to interior and product design.

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Scenes From the Weekend


Jon and Lu at Indian Wells Beach.

Spring is finally on the horizon! As much as we love being on the go it was so nice to have a relaxing and chill weekend at home, and I finally made serious headway in getting both my life and rental organized which feels amazing.

We managed to squeeze in a bunch of fun stuff with the kiddies, and I also had time to work on planning a few upcoming trips that I am super excited about, more to come on that soon. We did miss our biggest this weekend, as Sienna  went to the city with her friend Stella to do big girl stuff, including setting up shop on a city corner in front of their hotel and selling Girl Scout cookies, super entrepreneurial those two.

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A Jackson Hole Winter Mini Guide

Sienna and I at the top of the Gondola, Jackson Mountain Resort.

We’ve just returned from an excellent family ski vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where we’ve gone to ski the past several winters. Jackson is one of our most favorite places to go as a family, and I’m delighted that my in-laws chose it as their home base, thus placing it in our regular travel routine.

First up: the vibe which is so laid back; this is not Aspen, Vail, or any of the other fancy ski resort towns that come to mind, not that there’s anything wrong with fancy, but chill is great (better) too.  Think laid – back cowboy town vibe with a world-class mountain, throw in an amazing food scene, and add in a naturalist bent for good measure. Jackson town is so charming, and really has retained its character despite the fact that it neighbors such a popular ski resort destination. A walk through the town with it’s lo- slung wooden buildings and wood plank walkways, not to mention a visit to the town square’s famous antler arches will immediate transport you to a bygone era.

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