Meanwhile, in Portugal

Managed to get a decent family pic in Sintra although Isla is fast asleep!

We are currently about a week into our Portugal and Spain adventure, and I finally have a little time on a cloudy morning to go through all of the photos I’ve taken thus far (so many amazing pics!) and regroup a little bit. The Portuguese landscape is the perfect backdrop for photoshoots, I would say.

The girls were obsessed with this little guy!
Colorful Rossio Station.
Sienna strolling the streets of Lisbon.

I will share our itinerary in a more lengthy post when we return, but here is a bit of what we’ve been up to and some of the photos as well!

We had a super late flight out last Thursday, and all of the kids slept the whole night through on the plane, which is obviously a dream. I also have to mention, happily, that Isla seems to have somewhat gotten over her plane and automobile sickness as we are on travel day 5 and there has yet to be any throwing up. This is a first on a family trip although I hope I’m not speaking too soon!

Lovely streets of Belèm
Riding around the city in Tuk Tuks was the best part!

The Discovery Monument.
Isla fast asleep at the top of the Tower.
The classic Portuguese Treat!
The Time Out Food Market was unbelievable!

We spent a few days in Lisbon, such a beautiful city with so many meandering little streets and alleyways, almost Parisian in some areas but then totally unique in others, for example the Moorish Alfama district, which was my favorite despite getting a little lost there. Such a magical place, I definitely want to return one day! So many different areas to explore and wander, and a few days (with kids) is definitely not enough to see all the city has to offer.

Searching for turtles and baby turtles at the National Tile Museum.
Lu and the wall.
Luella loves taking Polaroids with the mini!

Islie in the courtyard.

Aside from spending our first afternoon an evening getting acclimated and wandering the Alfama, and getting lost enough to just barely miss the sunset over the district (the afterglow was still amazing), we also had a very fun and successful whirlwind day exploring the Belem area and visiting several different museums and monuments, despite the 90 or so degree heat. Lu and Isla took turns doing some serious stroller napping – a total of 6 hours combined! We loved the beautiful Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, climbed the 93 steps up the Torre de Belem carrying a sleeping Isla, of course tasted the Pastéis de Nata at the traditional home of the cake, and more!

This hair is always so crazy…

A visit to the “Time Out” Lisboa Market, a giant and amazing food hall for lunch was a highlight, and then we wrapped the day up at the lovely National Azulejo Museum, and with it’s beautiful flowering courtyard and amazing walls of tile this was definitely a highlight for me!

Lunch in Sintra was hot!

Trying to cool down..

On Sunday we visited charming and enchanted Sinatra, words cannot even describe how much I loved this place! It happened to be the literal hottest day they’ve had this summer the day we visited, and I may have had to carry Isla around the entire place because she insisted on being held the entire time, but still nothing could damper my enthusiasm for the city!

Here are some pics from those days, and more to come from our travels down south to Comporta and the Algarve.

Breathtaking views over Sintra from Pêna Palace!


Coolest Grotto with stepping stones, like a fairytale!

Beautiful old buildings.

Hanging in the local deli, playing cards with sugar packets, totally normal.

We are currently in the Algarve, one of the MOST beautiful places on earth, surely. More about our amazing time spent there, and then we are on to Seville and Barcelona!

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