Portugal Travel Diary, Algarve Part 2

With all of my girls in matching Marysia swimsuits, yes we are those people! Ha

I’m sure I’ve said this before, and will undoubtedly say it again but our favorite day of every family vacation is a day spent at sea. We love swimming, boating, and exploring all of the coves and secret beach spots you can’t always get to by car. I love the feeling you get all alone in a beautiful and secluded place, which can sometimes be hard to experience with the advent of social media and the wealth of travel information available online, (I see the irony), but if timed right can still happen. After the stressful experience of a poor seasick Isla in France last summer we decided it was best  to leave Islie and Karen behind during our boat day on this trip, instead of subjecting her to the possibility of puking all day, no matter how much we wished they could have come. They shared a special solo day at the hotel together, relaxing by the beach and pool

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Meanwhile, in Portugal

Managed to get a decent family pic in Sintra although Isla is fast asleep!

We are currently about a week into our Portugal and Spain adventure, and I finally have a little time on a cloudy morning to go through all of the photos I’ve taken thus far (so many amazing pics!) and regroup a little bit. The Portuguese landscape is the perfect backdrop for photoshoots, I would say.

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Copenhagen Travel Diary, Part 2

The classic Little Mermaid Statue.

The rest of our Copenhagen days were rounded out by a mix of both kiddie and adult activities. A bright and sunny Sunday morning found us at the highly designed Den Blå Planet, (The Blue Planet), the largest aquarium in Northern Europe. Naturally all of our kids were very excited to spend a morning there gazing at the fish.

The aquarium has a super sleek and modern design, almost like a metal sphere, and it’s situated waterfront so there are beautiful views from the glass – walled restaurant; which also had some of the best food I’ve ever had at an aquarium or the like! Definitely an elevated family outing and dining experience.  We spent the morning wandering around and watched a sea otter show, walked through a rainforest with flittering butterflies, and gazed at a highlight for the littles; the shark and ray exhibit, which you enter by walking through a glass tunnel surrounded by tanks on all sides. I would definitely recommend a visit here regardless of the weather as most of the aquarium is indoors, although it was nice to visit on such an exceptionally nice day and take in the sea vistas.

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Scenes From the Weekend, Start to Summer Edition!

An evening on the farm, looking for good eggs. Lu and Isla’s Dresses by Reformation. Isla’s Sandals by Minorquines.

The beginning of summer has officially started on the East End, which of course means a plethora of people inundating the Hamptons, and nonstop activities and events. Over the four day weekend we had a host of bbqs, kiddie birthday parties, and openings; and I’m happy to say we managed to fit in about 75% and not lose our minds completely, aka a successful weekend out here in crazy land.

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2017, Underway

Head in the Clouds

2016 was an amazing year for our family. It was filled with fun adventures, quality time spent together, and a lot of opportunities for traveling with the girls; memory making of the very best kind we will never forget. And if any of them do forget.. ahem Isla.. I have a TON of photos. 🙂

2017, however, has definitely gotten off to a hectic start!  All positive and nothing we can’t handle, but still big changes that have left me a little hazy and frazzled  nonetheless.

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Our History of Traveling with Kids, A Love-Hate Story

With all of my girls after an amazing Greek dinner.
With all of my girls after an amazing Greek dinner.

This title is a stab at being funny, while also ringing true. I’ve always loved to travel and have relished the opportunity to see a new place or visit an old place I’ve been and loved for as long as I can remember. I genuinely love making elaborate plans and itineraries and tend to get antsy staying home for too long, even though I love it here.

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Sienna Floating in the Aegean Summer 2015

Welcome to my site! My name is Janice Hummel, I am a mama to three little girls, Sienna Lily, 9; Luella Jane, 3; and Isla Finn, 1. Along with my wonderful husband Jon, we live on the East End of Long Island in Amagansett, New York. I created this site to have a place to collect all of our adventures both large and small, abroad and in our town, (and some everyday minutiae as well).

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