Scenes From the Weekend….

Sisters, hand in hand. Lulu’s Dress, Zara, Sienna’s Dress, Zara.

Last weekend, after a beautiful Friday afternoon spent lounging in the yard with the girls, (Sienna was of course off on a sleepover as usual) we headed into the city Saturday for a really quick one because Jon and the girls had their global entry appointments scheduled for 8:45 Sunday morning at JFK. It took months to get the four appointments on the same day and time, so even though this was an annoying task we decided to make a little mission out of it and book a night at the Gramercy Park Hotel.  Jon had meetings Saturday morning, so after a slow start and then an insanely tortuous last -two -miles-before-city traffic situation we finally got there late afternoon.

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Scenes from the Weekend….


With my lovely ladies at the Many Hopes Event.

This past weekend went by sooo quickly, beginning with a whirlwind overnight trip into the city Thursday, Isla’s second birthday on Friday, and then a joint birthday/Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday at our house.

On Thursday I went into the city with a few friends for a beautiful fundraising event, Many Hopes, to raise money for a new school in Kenya. Last years event raised the funds to finish building this school, and this year the focus was to populate the school with teachers and get it up and running. I’m happy to say it was a success! This is a cause that has become dear to my heart after learning about it from a lovely friend early last year. I look forward to watching the organization grow and hopefully build additional schools in the future. You can find out all about Many Hopes, and make a donation, here.

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Scenes From the Weekend


Jon and Lu at Indian Wells Beach.

Spring is finally on the horizon! As much as we love being on the go it was so nice to have a relaxing and chill weekend at home, and I finally made serious headway in getting both my life and rental organized which feels amazing.

We managed to squeeze in a bunch of fun stuff with the kiddies, and I also had time to work on planning a few upcoming trips that I am super excited about, more to come on that soon. We did miss our biggest this weekend, as Sienna  went to the city with her friend Stella to do big girl stuff, including setting up shop on a city corner in front of their hotel and selling Girl Scout cookies, super entrepreneurial those two.

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Scenes From the Weekend….

Sienna looking too grown up! Jacket by Zara. Necklaces Zara. Boots by Steve Madden.

After a busy but also somewhat blah couple of weeks involving kiddie colds and then a terrible sinus infection that came out of nowhere for me, we decided to decamp to the city for the weekend to give the kids a change of scene in advance of our trip to Jackson Hole this coming Tuesday. Of course we are still not fully settled into our rental even though we are at the tail end of our second month there; after taking care of the major things I can’t find the time to tackle the minutiae, and probably won’t get to it until it’s time to move again!

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