A Little Horse Farm Visit

BFF Life. Lu’s Jumpsuit, Zara. Boots, Hunter.

We recently stopped by a sweet little barn that backs up to where we will be building our new house, to introduce ourselves as future neighbors and let our three equine-obsessed girls have a visit with the horses there. It ended up being the greatest little evening! Not only where there horses and ponies, but donkeys (including a little baby one), goats, and kitties. The girls were in heaven, we ended up staying for hours and chatting with the friendly owner, and of course Sienna the social butterfly found a girl there her age and they were off and running in the fields. The adorable little donkey followed Lu everywhere she went, and Isla literally couldn’t contain her joy at just being there, hence the most major meltdown that happened when we inevitably had to leave. I took some really cute pics of the kiddies, and we are so excited these horses (and donkeys) are literally going to be in our backyard in the near future!

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Scenes From the Weekend


Jon and Lu at Indian Wells Beach.

Spring is finally on the horizon! As much as we love being on the go it was so nice to have a relaxing and chill weekend at home, and I finally made serious headway in getting both my life and rental organized which feels amazing.

We managed to squeeze in a bunch of fun stuff with the kiddies, and I also had time to work on planning a few upcoming trips that I am super excited about, more to come on that soon. We did miss our biggest this weekend, as Sienna  went to the city with her friend Stella to do big girl stuff, including setting up shop on a city corner in front of their hotel and selling Girl Scout cookies, super entrepreneurial those two.

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Fall, At Home


Luella, Last Fall
Luella, Last Fall. Coat Zara, old. Sweater Oeuf

Fall is definitely a top contender for my favorite season, for all of the usual reasons. I like the going back to school fresh start aspect of it, the quieter state that my town finds itself in, and the warm fall colors and crisp air. Of course I love summer, but by mid-August I always find myself longing for October. When the beach days are finally put to bed for the season, it feels good to get out and explore the other activities fall ushers in.

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